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Music Services

Recordings - Receive an audio recording of your new music, cover, or back-up vocals on an already existing music track. 

Composition/Performance Collaborations - Propose a collaboration in either performance or composition through the contact portal.

Masterclasses - Experience one-on-one voice and performance coaching in a classroom setting.

Opera Workshops & Clinics - Experience a break-down of choral, operatic, and/or performance techniques.

Contact Jordan for service details and fees.

She is excited at the prospect of working with you!

Find New Music media below.

Upcoming & Recent Premieres

Letters to the Child (TBA)

song cycle for soprano & oboe by Brian Hosefros

Josephine in The Tale of Josephine Garrett (2019)

one-act opera by Jordan & Madelein Bowman

"To a Boston Busker" (2019)

song for coloratura soprano & piano by Nathan Scalise

Three Hawthorne Songs (2019)

song cycle for vocalist & piano by Nathan Scalise


Hannah in Non-motus (2019)

short opera by Marc Hoffeditz

"Emiko" (2019)

jazz art song by Wes Stephens

Annie in Basement Among the Stars (2019)

short opera by Ben Beckman

Faith Diggs in Reflections in Priest Lake (2019)

short opera by Conner Leigh Shaw

I'm Not on Your Vacation...and Other Cape Cod Stories (2019)

song cycle for soprano, baritone, & piano by Nathan Scalise 

Coal Country Ballads (2019)

song cycle for coloratura soprano, violin, cello, & saw by Nathan Scalise

Idaho Songs (2019)

song cycle for coloratura soprano and piano by Nathan Scalise

"Wer?" (2019)

art song for vocalist & cello by Venkatesh Balasubramanian

"The Golden Boat" (2018)

art song for soprano & piano by Venkatesh Balasubramanian

"Double" (2018)

duet for two sopranos & piano by Michael McAndrew

Songs of Love & Doubt (2018)

song cycle for soprano & piano by Dr. Paul Schleuse

Jordan Bowman, back-up vocals
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