The Anthropocene Vignettes by Jessi Harvey

an Opera Elect film 

May 2021


Sense of Self by Lisa Neher & Kendra Leonard 

an Opera Elect Film

June 2021

Title Role in Suor Angelica 

Narnia Festival, Italy

July 2021

“Jordan brings new music to life with emotional depth and technical excellence. Whatever the piece requires - coloratura that grooves, unpredictable meter changes, rapid shifts between a range of classical and non-classical styles, free and unaccompanied sections, passages that are part spoken and part sung - she masters it and makes it sound natural and compelling. Jordan’s intuitive sense of where a piece is trying to go and what she can do to take it there make her the kind of collaborator a composer is lucky to find. She cares about getting it right. Her musicianship, attention to detail, and ability to connect with an audience are as good as I’ve seen, and I’ve had performances by Grammy winners and NYC based new music pros.”


-Nathan Scalise, composer, 2019 NYC songSLAM winner, music faculty at Binghamton University

"Jordan is an absolute pleasure to collaborate with. She is an insightful, curious, and intelligent musician, capable of performing the most demanding of arias. Her crystalline soprano, flawless technique, and amazing range make her an artist that you shouldn’t pass the opportunity to work with!"


-Maestro Jeffrey Wahl, Binghamton Baroque Conductor 


"She has the agility and smartness to understand and interpret a wide variety of contemporary music."


-Venkatesh Balasubramanian, composer